13 Must Try Restaurants and Cafes in Antigua, Guatemala

From local breakfast spots to upscale restaurants and bars, Antigua offers a TON of really great restaurants to try out. Read below for a recommended guide of 13 great places to try during your visit to Antigua, Guatemala!


Rincon Tipico:

For authentic Guatemalan food and budget friendly prices, look no further than Rincon Tipico. This spot is super popular with local folks, and you can expect delicious and food and straightforward service.

Enjoy the Almuerzo de pollo a la lena, or the lunch chicken plate. The roasted chicken is accompanied with potatoes, soup and salad. Plan to see a crowd, as this restaurant is one of the most popular in all of Antigua!

Los Tres Tiempos:

Los Tres Tiempos is a really great, albeit touristic, option for drinks, lunch or dinner! Located near the Santa Catalina arch, you can enjoy an evening dinner in the secluded and lit patio or rooftop. I recommend trying the roasted corn, Pepian and Jocon de Pollo stews. The food is flavorful and hearty and the drinks are well made; this was one of my favorite meals in Guatemala. The restaurant is an affordable and mid-range option by US standards, and the service top-notch. Be prepared to be approached by young vendors while you eat, since you are so close to the tourist sites.

The Pepian at Tres Tiempos is a must-try!

Ta Cool Taco Shop:

Head to this Mexican restaurant to try food from North of the Border. Serving up tacos, burritos and many other dishes, this restaurant is tasty and budget-friendly. I enjoyed a plate of tacos camarones, while other friends raved about their tortes and quesadillas. If you’re vegetarian and vegan, this place is also for you. I saw offerings of nopales (cactus), spinach and mushrooms as vegetable dishes and substitutes on the menu. The food here is fresh and there’s a fun vibe to the place.


Head to middle earth if you’re hoping to have a unique dining experience. Located about 30 minutes outside of Antigua, Hobbitenango is an eco-tourism theme park that is inspired by Tolkien’s Hobbit novel. Go up for the day to enjoy the numerous activities and views that the park offers, but stay for the amazing food! I had the best breakfast during my time in Guatemala at Hobbitenango. The menu includes Western fare like pizza, burgers and steak, but they also have unique dishes that are inspired by the story.

Hobbitenango also offers a great bar selection and a variety of unique drinks! Enjoy libations and sweeping views of the surrounding volcanoes atop the mountain.

Shakshuka breakfast overlooking the Volcan Fuego in the distance.

Toko Baru:

Want to try new foods in Guatemala? Try Toku Baru, an amazing restaurant serving up cheap but oh-so-satisfying Indonesian and Indian fusion fare. As soon as you walk in, your senses are engaged. You’ll see huge pots of simmering stews and the scent of curry will hit you immediately.

For less than $5 USD you can order a customized plate of rice, salad and a stew and protein of your choice. Pair it with a glass of wine and a beer and your bill is still less that $10 USD. Price aside, the food is delicious and locals and tourists all recommend the restaurant. Prepare to be surprised at the different flavors and spices that make up each dish, since the fusion of different food traditions is clear.

Antijito Salvadoreño:

This restaurant front is easy to miss, but I hope that you don’t. You enter the small store and order your choice of pupusas and then continue back towards the large enclosed patio. I highly recommend that you try the pupusa revueltas, a mix of pork, cheese and beans. They are portable, fried and delicious! Top them with the pickles and crema if you want to add on to the decadence.

The pupusas here were some of the best I’ve ever eaten! Don’t forget to grab one of their natural juices, or aguas, on your way out. I prefer the hibiscus (jamaica), but they also have pineapple, tamarind and cucumber as options.


Ek Chuah:

Chocolate lovers, this place is for you! Guatemala is known for high-quality cacao and chocolate production. From bean to bar, the Ek Chuah store offers all kinds of treats and tastings. Try out their cafe too – they have really wonderful hot chocolate that will give you a boost of serotonin and happiness as you walk around the city. I loved the way they served the hot chocolate too! In addition to your mug, they bring tiny cups of chili, vanilla and honey for you to doctor up your beverage to perfection. If you’d like, you can book a chocolate tasting course to learn more about the confection process!

I got to meet Vincenzo, the owner of the family-run Ek Chuah

El Local:

Tucked away in the back of the plaza (the same plaza as Ek Chuah, actually), is El Local. This high-touch cafe provides extremely hip aesthetics and fancy drinks. They use all organic ingredients and combine them into unique drinks. Try their herby matcha tea lattes (available in green and blue). I preferred their blended lychee lemonade. Enjoy the hidden patio and relax for a couple quiet hours there.

Take a moment of solitude at El Local Cafe, tucked away in the private patio.

Union Cafe:

A digital nomad’s dream, Union Cafe is breezy and upbeat. Enjoy a chat with the friendly barista, Soli, or hole up in the covered courtyard to take advantage of the wifi.
Breakfast is good and affordable here, and you can try the Desayuno Chapin along with a fresh smoothie. Vegetarians and vegans will also have plenty to choose from at this restaurant. The coffee at this cafe was my favorite too, well balanced and strong. Union Cafe is especially popular with tourists and the prices reflect if, but it is still a recommended spot to visit!

Fat Cat:

Hippest of them all, Fat Cat boasts a huge coffee menu. Cortados, cafe BonBon (personal favorite), granitas and any other drink you can think of, all are available here. I didn’t see a food menu at all, but the coffee is well-rounded and tasty! The internet is fast and the atmosphere ranges from social to back-to-back zoom meetings. Fat Cat is definitely popular with tourists and expats. Service is so-so, but you came for the coffee, right?

Get caffeinated at the hip Fat Cat Cafe.

Fernanda’s Kaffee

I almost didn’t include this cafe, but the atmosphere and cute cashier made me remember to add it on the list. Fernanda’s is a local establishment and has filling breakfasts and pastries at budget prices. They are well known for the cinnamon rolls, which are baked in-house daily. They also have a lovely sunny patio and a cute cat who sunbathes at some of the empty tables. The cafe has a small shop inside as well, where you can peruse some local crafts and snacks as you wait. The vibes are homey and comfortable, and I recommend you stop in for a sweet break in the day.

Enjoy a sweet start to your morning at Fernanda’s Kaffe. Try one of their famous cinnamon rolls!


Antigua Brewing:

I was shocked to find that Antigua has a burgeoning craft-beer scene. Antigua brewing gives you a glimpse with their offerings. Try a flight of beer – they have a great stout. Then, get one of their amazing burgers and fries (they have tasty veggie burgers too). This place was a welcome splurge after an overnight hike of Volcan Acatenango, and it was worth it!

Take in the giant brewing vats in the center of the brewery where different bands perform, or head upstairs to the rooftop seating and dance floor for a birds-eye view of the venue. If you’re up for it, walk through the red telephone booth for a surprise (see below)!

Treat yourself to a flight of great craft beer at Antigua Brewing


This small speakeasy has the best vibes and even better drinks! Located through the telephone booth of Antigua Brewing, Ulew is an upscale bar that has unique and Mayan inspired libations. There is a menu, however it’s best to let your server or bartender create something for you. I told the waiter that I like sweet and smoky and he surprised me with one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had! Bonus points for the story and intentionality of Ulew, from the name of the bar to the interesting decorated cups and utensils that they serve drinks in.

Fanciest cocktail I ever did see at Ulew!

Still Looking For Options?

There are countless dining options and must-try restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala! If you’re interested in finding out how to prepare Guatemalan dishes or trying a chocolate tasting class, check out the Top Things to Do in Antigua post for options. Or, if you’re still hungry for more, consider taking Antigua gastronomy tour!

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