About Me:

I have always been a wanderer.

I’ve always loved traveling, especially any adventure that would lead me outdoors.

Growing up as a mixed person, I often felt as if I had to compartmentalize myself to fit in. Looking back, travel became my escape because it allowed me to connect with different people and cultures. I learned how huge the world is, and how much most people have in common. I learned how to be more at home with myself. 

Studying languages and anthropology in university helped cultivate my travel bug: After two opportunities abroad, I was hooked! Once I became an educator, I had the opportunity to teach English to students from international backgrounds. Learning from students who had come from all around the world (many from very difficult circumstances) helped me to realize how much privilege surrounded travel.

With each adventure, however, I noticed there were not many travelers that looked like me – women of color travelers going off the beaten path. The representation for travelers like me was just not there.

Yet, obviously women of color most certainly do travel. A lot! From backpacking to luxury jet setting, we’re out here exploring the world on every budget! I hope that by sharing my story and highlighting others’ at Wander with Wren, solo women travelers of color can be encouraged to embark on their own adventures.

For travel inspiration and guides, check out the travel blog. Be sure to listen in on the adventures of other solo travelling women on the Wander with Wren Podcast.

And if you need help with any planning or trip recommendations you’re always welcome to reach out.

Keep wandering!