Wander With Wren Podcast Episodes

Episode 00

Introduction to the Wander With Wren Podcast

Laurén introduces the podcast and the importance of highlighting diverse travelers and travel content. Click here to listen!

Episode 01

Risa Paddles for Peace in Peru 🇵🇪

Risa chats surf, healing and solo-travel through her non-profit, Paddle For Peace. Blog post here! Click here to listen!

Episode 02

Robin in Rome 🇮🇹

Robin discusses embracing the unfamiliar and completing an MBA program in Rome, Italy. Click here to listen!

Episode 03

Alexa’s Adventures with Affordable, Slow Travel

Alexa shares her story on being a long-term digital nomad, and the pros and cons of slow travel. Click here to listen!

Episode 04

Tamara Talks TAPIF in Guadeloupe 🇫🇷

Tamara talks self-discovery and cultural exchange in the TAPIF program in Guadeloupe. Click here to listen!