Indispensable Travel Resources for Women (2022)

Finally taking the trip that you’ve been fantasizing about for years? Life doesn’t wait and neither should you. Traveling solo in 2022 is liberating, fun and safe!

Although traveling alone can be a bit intimidating at first, never fear. You can rely on these resources and pack all the essential travel gear to make your trip safe and successful!

Scroll the list below for travel gear recommendations and tips that will help prepare you for your next solo adventure.

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Portable Phone Battery

Every traveler needs a portable phone battery, and should keep it with her all the time. Gone are the days of guidebooks and maps – now almost everything you need is an app on your phone. Be sure to keep a charged battery so that you can access the information when you need it.

The Mophie Powerstation offers two types of charging and lots of battery life. In fact, I tend to charge it once every few days and the battery life still lasts. It also fits conveniently in a small purse or fanny pack, so I always have it in a pinch.

Universal Travel Adapter

I tend to forget to pack my travel adapter and then end up purchasing it again. Remember to pack universal adapter with the different plugs that converts to the countries’ outlet shape and size. I bought this one years ago and it still works just fine.

Apple AirTags

Link these small discs to your apple “Find My” account, and they will show your location anywhere in the world in real time. My sister gifted these on a backpacking trip and I felt like I had spy gear! I left the Airtag in my bag so that I always knew where my bag was. If you wish, you can also enable a chime sound to alert you whenever the bag is moved for extra security.



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Small Padlock

A small lock is a travel essential, especially if you will be staying in communal rooms or hostels. While the people I’ve met in my solo adventures are 99.999% wonderful humans, I still use a small lock on my luggage compartment anytime I stay in a dorm. Any padlock or small combination lock will do.

Set of keys/bottle opener

Though solo travel is generally safe, women travelers always need to take extra precautions for physical safety. A simple way to do this is by keeping a small set of keys and/or a simple bottle opener on you. Of course, I hope this never needs to be used as a weapon, but I do feel added security knowing that I do have a form of defense in hand – especially if I’m walking late at night. Keys are also unassuming and allowed through airport security (unlike pocket knives), so no need to check a bag to take them with you.

Copy of Passport and Itinerary

A piece of timeless travel advice? Always take a hard-copy packet of your most important documentation with you on your trip and keep it in your backpack or luggage where it will not be moved. The packet should include a paper copy of your passport, itinerary, booking information, COVID vaccine/testing records and other required documents. In the event of a lost or stolen passport, having this packet could save you from an awful experiences of being stranded in another country with no way to prove your identity or travel bookings. Pro tip: Take one packet with you and leave another with a loved one at home, just in case they need to provide information on your behalf.


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Travel Credit Card

The single best decision you can make for solo travel is to use a travel credit card. While I’m not an expert (yet) on maximizing points and cards, I currently use the Chase Sapphire Preferred which provided a pretty sweet sign up bonus for travel rewards. By using the card for points, you’re able to quickly accrue travel perks like discounted flights, hotels, rental cars, trip insurance and a host of other benefits.

More importantly, travel cards typically have little to no international fees as you swipe around the world. Their travel insurance is an extra reassurance, as well as their 24 hour support in case you need it. Although different cards offer different perks and offers, I highly recommend obtaining one.

Money Pouch

Bring along a small money purse or pouch if you’re going to be traveling with larger denominations of cash. Although you’ll want to keep the daily amount of spending money in an accessible place like a regular purse or fanny pack, make sure to store the larger amounts in a separate place. While using transportation, I wear the money pouch under my clothes. Once I get to a secure location, I hide it in my backpack in a locked storage compartment or I place it in the safe provided by the hotel.

Fanny Pack

My favorite accessory by far when traveling is my fanny pack. It holds just enough for my everyday adventures – passport, wallet, phone and battery pack. It’s also small enough to stuff into my backpack or tote so that I don’t have to carry multiple bags. I love this one – since it’s chic enough to go to dinner with and still is inconspicuous during the day.

Health and Hygiene

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Rapid COVID Test

Although COVID regulations are loosening in 2022, I recommend bringing along a rapid antigen COVID test and keeping it on hand. In the event that you need to provide COVID test results, it will be much easier (and less expensive) to provide them with a test instead of searching for a clinic. It also offers peace of mind if you’re feeling under the weather, so you don’t have to worry about traveling with COVID as a burden.

Face Masks

Like it or not, masks are here to stay. Even if you’re traveling somewhere that face masks are not mandated, it’s likely that you’ll go into some establishment that either requires or suggests them. Either way, it’s best to keep face masks handy. I recommend buying disposable black face masks, as they stand out a tiny bit less and you can throw them away after wearing.

Wipes and More Wipes

Wipes come in handy (pun intended). I like to bring makeup removing wipes to remove makeup or sunscreen after a day outside. Depending on where you’re traveling it may also be wise to pack antibacterial hand wipes, in the event that there are not easily accessible washrooms. Finally, pack Lysol wipes for your high-contact items or places, like your phone or hotel room light switches. Better safe than sorry!



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Long Skirt or Maxi Dress

It’s usually wise to pack a long skirt and/or maxi dress when traveling. Not only are these versatile clothing items, but they may also permit you access to certain landmarks with religious significance. For example, in Europe it is customary to have your shoulders and legs covered when visiting cathedrals or churches out of respect for the sacred nature of the site. A maxi dress or long skirt is still comfortable and will keep you covered in these places. They also double as a nicer outfit for a more formal dinner or event.


Scarves are super versatile items that can be transformed into so many pieces while traveling. Outside of being a lightweight accessory to dress up an outfit, it can also be used as a shawl for warmth or a screen to protect you from the sun. If you’re visiting places with cultural or religious significance, scarves can also double as a head or shoulder covering. Finally, scarves can be made into cute tops or bathing suit covers at the end of the night. I recommend packing at least one to perfect your travel wardrobe. I personally tend to purchase a scarf wherever I visit, as a souvenir and a pop of color to my (normally) basic wardrobe.

Foldable Down Jackets

Lightweight and compact, but warm, foldable down jackets are a must-have when traveling. These jackets are so light when folded that you hardly remember they are in your pack, but so warm when you wear them. They also are not stifling and are breathable. They can be put in the wash easily too and hold up to heavy use. Highly recommended to bring one with you!

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