Top 33 Small and Lightweight Gifts for Traveling Abroad

From technology and luggage to clothes, money and more, below are the top 33 small and lightweight gifts for travelers. Suitable for finding a gift on every budget, read on to find the perfect present for anyone traveling abroad.

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1. Portable Phone Battery

A portable phone battery is a must-have for any traveler, and let’s be honest, for anyone whose phone has ever died while out. Check out the Mophie Powerstation, which offers two methods of charging and has a lot of life. Keep it in your purse or carryon when you’re in a pinch. 

2. Universal Travel Adapter

Another indispensable travel item, a universal adapter is helpful for anyone traveling abroad. It converts the voltage to ensure that your device doesn’t surge and it also allows you to plug in different cords. 

3. Apple AirTags

Never lose your luggage again. Apple AirTags are so tiny and sleek that you forget they’re there, but are super helpful if you misplace or lose a bag. They can also emit an alarm noise as you trace them through the “Find My Device” application. Definite plus for peace of mind! Get the cute keychain holders to attach.

4. Airpods or Wireless Earbuds

Let the world fall away with airpods or more affordable wireless earbuds. These small and portable earbuds are the perfect travel gift. Plug them in and listen to music, or simply use them to cancel out ambient noise. These are almost too small and lightweight, so make sure you remember where you place them!

5. Portable Charging Station

Bring along a charging station to ensure that whatever local coffee shop you’re in won’t be the reason that you lose power. A portable charging station is vital for digital nomads too, and allows you to work as needed from whichever location you’re in.

6. Foldable Tripod 

A perfect gift for someone traveling abroad or traveling solo, a foldable tripod will allow you to get the picture without having to rely on others to take it. It also saves you from the dreaded arm and face-too-close selfie angle. Try one that collapses down to a small and portable size.

7. Camera Lights and Lenses

Not only for influencers, camera lights and camera lenses are helpful to get the best travel shots of beautiful destinations. Clip them on your phone to enhance the quality and zoom, or add them on your laptop to get a better display on video calls. 

8. Cord Organizer

Who hasn’t had phone and laptop charger cables get mixed up while they’re jumbled in the bag. The cord organizer makes it so you won’t lose track of cables or get them tangled again. Even better, this small travel gift fits perfectly in a backpack or carry-on, making it easy to keep everything together!

9. GoPro

All travelers appreciate this gift! This small and portable camera kit makes it easy to film adventures large and small. Strap it on a headband to get a first-person view of the trip, or plug it into a tripod to get beautiful still shots. 

10. Portable VPN and Router

Get this small and portable router to stay connected with WI-Fi anywhere you go. These hotspots work domestically and internationally, depending on the plan that you choose. 


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11. Travel Locks

Get a TSA approved lock to ensure that valuables don’t go missing. Use it for lockers in hostels and gyms, or even excursions where you need to put your things away. Securely out of sight and out of mind!

12. Luggage Tags

Easy to identify so that you can grab your pack quick, try one of these cute and distinctive luggage tags

13. Packing Cubes

Never rummage around in your bag again. Packing cubes help keep everything tidy and organized in your luggage. Use the different sizes of cubes help you to sort out the different items.

15. Camera Bag

Traveling with gear means that you need to keep it protected. Consider a camera bag or backpack that is specifically designed for keeping the camera and gear safe.

16. Luggage or Backpack Raincover 

This rain cover is extra insurance when the weather turns for the worse. It packs up super small and is so lightweight that you forget it’s there – until you need it, that is. You’ll be glad you have it. 


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17. Long Skirt or Maxi Dress

Take this super versatile clothing item everywhere, especially if traveling to more conservative countries. Comfortable and modest. they also double as an elevated outfit for more formal events.

18. Scarf

Scarves are a catch-all clothing item that can double as a wrap, shawl, accessory, shirt,  tourniquet, you name it. Super small and lightweight, and they can tuck into your bag effortlessly.

19. Compression Socks 

Compression socks are a must for long-distance international flights. They aid with warmth and circulation, and they are easy to stow in a carry-on. Order a couple pairs to help with high-altitude and long travel times.

20. Foldable Jacket

Lightweight and compact, but warm, foldable down jackets are a must-have when traveling. These jackets are so light when folded that you hardly remember they are in your pack, but so warm when you wear them. They also are not stifling and are breathable. They can be put in the wash easily too and hold up to heavy use. Highly recommended to bring one with you!


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21. Travel Wallet

Keep your valuables close and sage with RFID -blocking wallets. These wallets have enough space for your cash and travel card (you do have a travel card, right?), and also have pockets for other items like vaccine cards and hotel key cards.

22. Money Pouch

If you’re keeping lots of cash on hand in a different country, a money pouch is a good idea for safekeeping. It’s lightweight enough to keep on your person using the strap, or you can stash it in a safe place in your luggage.

23. Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs are a must for travelers. They are small enough to stuff in a larger backpack or keep on your waist, and large enough to hold all the essentials. 

24. Passport Protector

One of the smallest travel gifts that will be used non-stop. Every traveler needs a passport protecter. Grab one that can be removed with relative ease, as customs tends to remove the passport protecter to inspect the document.


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25.  Foldable Backpack or Bag

It’s always good to have a small backpack handy for day trips or errands around town. These fold down into small and portable packages, so they don’t take up much space at all!

26. Collapsible Water Bottle

More and more places are thankfully doing away with plastic bottles and instead offer refillable water station or fountains. Don’t want to lug a heavy and clunky aluminum bottle around? Neither do I. Opt for the lightweight and collapsible bottle instead. 

27. Compressible Travel Pillow

For long-haul flights or backpacking trips, a great lightweight gift is the inflatable travel pillow. Compressible when not in use, this travel pillow will keep the luggage light. They are crucial for avoiding that crick in your neck when you finally reach your destination.

28. Travel Utensils

Another sustainable hack, reusable utensils are a way that travelers can reduce waste on planes and when in transit. An added plus? They come in handy when traveling to places where sanitized utensils may not be available. 

29. Travel Sheet

This lightweight travel sheet is helpful on outdoor or backpacking adventures. It also comes in handy when staying in hotels where the bedding quality doesn’t meet expectations. It happens, so it’s best to be prepared.  

30. Travel Towel

This lightweight towel dries quickly and folds up into a tiny package. Perfect for excursions or beach days, the travel towel is one that travelers can keep at home and abroad.

31. Travel Journal

This small journal will allow any traveler to record the memories of their travels (that they’ll soon regale you with). Journals are ideal for adventures great and small!


Hope that you enjoyed finding out about the top 33 small and lightweight travel gifts. Some of the items listed here are absolutely essential for travelers! Still unsure about what gift to give? Be sure to check out this post on the Indispensable Travel Resources for Women Travelers.

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