Your Complete Guide To Visiting Hobbitenango

Your Complete Guide To Visiting Hobbitenango

Looking for a unique adventure on your trip to Guatemala? Just 30 minutes outside of Antigua is Hobbitenango. While Lord of the Rings fans are guaranteed to enjoy the experience, this sprawling theme park combines the best of eco-tourism, adventure and relaxation for everyone! Read below for more tips on your visit to Hobbitenango!

In this guide:

What is Hobbitenango?

Hobbitenango is a theme park and resort located outside of Antigua. The park was started by a few friends who wanted to create an eco-friendly retreat in the mountains of Guatemala. What started as a passion project that combined their love of Lord of the Rings books, nature and sustainable building evolved into a true eco-resort. The park boasts a full restaurant and bar, as well as loads of activities, hiking trails and games. You can even book a stay in one of the three themed cottages on-premises if you want to relax for a few nights in the Shire. Hobbitenango was definitely the most unique experience I’ve had in a while!


The best thing about Hobbitenango is that isn’t a traditional “theme park”. The vibes are completely laid-back, and you can opt to do as much (or as little) as you’d like.


Want some adventure? I’d recommend starting at the archery and machete throwing station! After you’ve gotten some blood pumping, head up to the giant swing (if you dare)! Be warned, the swing may look mild, but at the top height you’re at 2500 m (8200 ft)! I was shocked at how scary it actually was, and I’m not usually too afraid of heights! Though one swing was enough for me (my screaming “oh sh!#” the entire time was my indication), there is no cap for the number of times you can ride.

If weaponry and adrenaline rushes aren’t your thing, you can always enjoy some slower paced mini-golf with a drink in hand. Feel free to enjoy a game of giant Jenga, too! Finally, there is an artisanal market that offers the chance for you to do some shopping. The vendors offer many cute gifts and snacks for you peruse.


If you’d like, take a hike on the trails that surround the park. There are some beautiful views and overlooks where you can take in stunning sights of the neighboring volcanoes: Acatenango, Fuego and Agua. On a clear day, you can see straight over to Lake Aititlan in the distance!

I have to say that this park offers beautiful vistas and a TON of instagramable spots. Take advantage of the numerous photo opps, including the nest and the hand. In the photos it looks as if you’re levitating over the valley below.

Eat & Drink:


The food at Hobbitenango is not to be missed, and is on-theme with the rest of the park. They offer an pretty varied menu (for Guatemala), and you can find western fare and regional dishes. Everything that I had was fresh, hearty and seriously delicious.

A unique element of Hobbitenango is the resort-like approach to dining. The park has only one restaurant and menu available, however you are able to order from any of the “eateries” on the premises. For example, one night we ate in the pub and the next day we had lunch in one of the cottages further in the park. You have the option to start a tab and close out at the end of your visit or you can per-item. Their system and service here is top-notch too! If you even look like you might need something, someone will be there to attend to you near-instantly.


Check out the custom drinks while you’re there, as well. From chocolate “Fire Spell” to “Anochecer en Zacapa,” the Shire inspired drinks are a perfect way to warm up as the sun sets on the mountain.


If it is at all possible, rent one of the cottages and stay overnight! You’ll be so glad that you did! You get to have a more private experience of the park, and the views of Volcan Fuego at night are out of this world! The cottage rental also comes with a butler who will assist you with everything from lighting the fireplace, to bringing a glass of wine and even breakfast to your private patio the next morning.

The cottages are super spacious and comfortable, and the decoration makes you feel like you’re in a dream! You’re transported into the Hobbit stories, complete with a cozy fireplace and hand painted murals on the walls. I recommend staying, even if you’re not a fan of the Lord of the Rings books. You get cozy mountain-cabin-meets-treehouse vibes in the best way. Curl up with a good book near the fireplace, all while witnessing the volcanic eruptions off in the distance. It’s an unforgettable sight!

Finally, breakfast is included in your stay and you can order as much as you’d like from the menu. I have to add that this was the best breakfast that I had in Guatemala – and it was made perfect with the sweeping views of the valley below.

Getting There:


Transportation to and from Hobbitenango is really straightforward. You can opt for any of the following to get there, with varying costs associated.

Hobbitenango Shuttle

Take this shuttle from the Hobbitenango office in Antigua. The shuttle operates from 8 am – 4 pm, and costs 85 QTQ ($12 USD). While it’s not the most comfortable ride (especially with luggage), it will get you there.

Private Car / Uber

If your budget affords it, the private car and uber is the easiest and most comfortable option. The ride costs about 125 GTQ ($20 USD). Uber is also widely used in Guatemala, so it’s quick and easy to get a car.

Hike Up From Car Park

Just a friendly PSA that all transportation that you took from Antigua will stop at a dirt parking lot at the base of the mountain. There, parking attendants will help you go to the park entrance. There are also a couple shop stands set up there, but these are not officially part of the park.

Guests staying in the cottages have a complimentary “shuttle” that will drive you up to the park entrance directly. Sidenote: the adventure begins when you get into the back of the golfcart/ATV that is the shuttle. Be prepared for a rocky ride!

Day guests are also able to purchase the shuttle ride for an additional fee.


Entrance Fees (Day-Use)

Entrance fees to the park are super affordable, especially considering all of the activities that are included with the ticket. For 50 GTQ/ $6 USD, you gain access to the park and all of the activities! Food and drink is also an option for an additional cost.

Cottage Rentals (Hotel Booking)

Booking for the cottages start at about 890 GTQ/ $115 USD, so the accommodations here are a little pricier than other stays in Antigua. However, staying in the cottages are 100% worth the expense. Included in the rental booking are the entrance fees, 10% gratuity and (an incredible) breakfast. All additional food and drink is available for an additional cost.

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